Material analysis

CSI Nordic performs material analysis and quality control of all materials. We are able to analyze materials down to atomic level and need only a few cubic micrometers of a metal to determine its composition. Mechanical properties can be determined by hardness testing, tensile testing or impact testing.

Material testing

CSI Nordic collaborates with ÅF Test Center which has long and documented experience of testing and verifying of mechanical properties of components or systems. Together we perform corrosion tests, wear tests and strength tests. These tests are the base for safe and effective product development.

Quality control

CSI Nordic can verify if the material bought fullfils all requirements. We measure for example chemical composition, yield point, tensile strength and hardness.

Root cause investigation

CSI Nordic performs systematic investigations on accidents (failure, fractures) and industrial damages. Material technological examination is a keystone in the investigation and is characterized by a wide collection and analysis of data such as construction drawings, operating data, maintenance routines.

Surface analysis

CSI Nordic is able to solve surface related problems with advanced surface techniques. A problem can for example be discoloration on metal surfaces, trouble with surface finish or maybe adhesion problems of thin coatings. We can determine chemical composition and thickness of nanometer thick films or micrometer thick metal coatings.


CSI Nordic customizes educations suitable for your field of operation and your employees, all at your requested time and place. Your objective is what determines content, level and length of the course. Everything from a shorter lecture for inspiration to longer educational programs. A course adapted to your company or an internal education can with advantage use your own material, products or production processes.

Project managemant

CSI Nordic offers effective project management with full responsibility that the project follows the time plan and that project goals are achieved.

Urgent problem solving

In case of malfunctions, shutdown or when time is a crucial factor, CSI Nordic can offer most services at short notice. We can be on site at short notice and work outside regular working hours to get the problem solved as fast as possible.

Third party examination

CSI Nordic offers third party examination of investigations performed by other parties. In case of disputes we can offer objective assessment of technical investigations.

Analysis of lubricants

Degradation, ageing or foreign particles in a lubricant can cause severe and expensive problems. CSI Nordic can analyze and identify lubricants to see if the right lubricant is used and to verify that the lubricant is suitable for the specified purpose. Vi can separate particles and analyze their composition in order to match them with known material and trace them to their source. Particles can originate from worn components in gearboxes or engines.